Grain Drying, Handling, and Storage Handbook

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Grain Drying, Handling, and Storage Handbook is widely used as THE reference for planning grain drying, handling, and storage facilities. Developed to assist farmers, elevator managers, equipment dealers, students, and others interested in developing grain systems. 

This third edition has been substantially updated and expanded since the 1987 version! 

What's new?

  • Information on larger grain volumes that accumulate on- and off-farm grain facilities more rapidly during harvest.
  • Examples that are more representative of how grain is received today.
  • Two new chapters. Safety and Health, and Automation.
  • All figures redrawn or replaced with new illustration or photos.
  • Grain storage and capacity tables cross-referenced to downloadable spreadsheets.
  • Color for the first time!

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156 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, appendix, glossary, references, resources, illus., softbound, 2017
ISBN 0-89373-110-2

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