Hoop Barns for Gestating Swine-PDF

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Written by agricultural experts from Midwest land-grant universities, this booklet discusses hoop barns as an efficient solution for raising animals.

Topics include:

  • When to Consider Hoops
  • Designing and Erecting the Structure
  • Environment and Ventilation
  • Hoop Management
  • Feeding System
  • Bedding and Manure Handling
  • Example Layouts
  • Cost Analysis
  • Research Analysis
  • Summary and Other Resources

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Jay Harmon, Animal Production Systems Engineering, Iowa State University
Mark Honeyman, Research Farms, Iowa State University
James Kliebenstein, Emeritus Ag Economics, Iowa State University
Tom Richard, Bioenergy and Bioresource Engineering, Penn State
Jopseph Zulovich, Livestock Housing Systems, University of Missouri

20pp, illus., download, 2004

Catalog: Swine / Pork Operations