Horse Facilities Handbook

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ASABE Blue Ribbon Award

Horse Facilities Handbook discusses all phases of horse care, including horse building facilities and shelters, equine breeding, and equine control. 

    Topics include
    • Site planning
    • Design and construction of stables, paddocks, and other outdoor and indoor facilities
    • Manure management
    • Storage
    • Fencing
    • Utilities
    • Fire protection.

    This handbook is a combined effort of Cooperative Extension engineers, animal scientists, and equine specialists at major U.S. universities.

    An easy-to-use format, 13 chapters, more than 50 photographs, 111 drawings, 84 tables, and a comprehensive bibliography and index. 

    • Eileen Fabian Wheeler, ABE, Penn State
    • Bill Koenig, Engineer
    • Jay Harmon, ABE, Iowa State University
    • Pat Murphy, BAE, Kansas State University
    • David Freeman, Animal Science, Oklahoma State University
    240 pp, 8 1/2 x 11, four-color illus., paperback,  2005
    ISBN 0-89373-098-X

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