Hoop Barns for Horses, Sheep, Ratites, and Multiple Utilization-PDF

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Looking for an agricultural structure for your equine, sheep, or ostriches? A hoop barn could be your solution.

This booklet briefly discusses a variety of hoop barns as an efficient solution for raising horses, sheep, ostriches, and multiple usage like hay storage.

Horse section includes dimensions for
  • horses in box stalls
  • horses in tie stalls
  • competitive and non-competitive horse arenas
  • alleys and specific use
Sheep section includes
  • design data summary
  • layout and inside view of market lamb barn
Ratite (ostrich and emu) section includes
  • housing requirements
  • layout and inside view of ostrich barn
Multiple utilization includes
  • illustration and dimensions of potential sotrage capabilities
8 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, illus., download, 2004
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