Raising Dairy Replacements. RDR + CD

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Book + CD

Looking for a complete overview of raising dairy calves? Raising Dairy Replacements is a complete and valuable resource for the dairy field. This book and CD set will give you additional information and supply you with software that assists with calculations.

Written by experts at four major agricultural universities, Raising Dairy Replacements explains:

  • Fetal calf development and birth, including delivery
  • Calf health, feeding, housing, and general management
  • Heifer development, health, nutrition, reproduction, environment, housing, and general management
  • Prevention and treatment of mastitis.

Icons in the printed book direct readers to the CD for additional information.

The companion CD contains a searchable PDF version of the book plus supplemental photos, charts, and graphs. The CD also contains Heifer Suite software (Windows 2000, NT, XP) from Profit Source, a leader in electronic dairy industry management tools; and Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0.

Heifer Suite includes “Ration Cost Analyzer” (to calculate cost and nutrient content of replacement heifer diets), “Heifer ProQWIK Chart” (to compare growth with industry standards, growth rate within a pen, and management variables), and “Raising Cost Evaluator” (to calculate the cost of raising calves or heifers and to conduct individual cost-of-production analysis).

106 pp, 8 1/2 x 11, illus, softcover, 2003
ISBN 0-89373-097-1
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