Cattle Feeding in Monoslope and Gable Roof Buildings - PDF

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Cattle Feeding in Monoslope and Gable Roof Buildings discusses large beef feeding barns that are currently constructed in the midwest as an alternative to outside cattle feedlots. Unbiased comparisons between monoslope vs. gable roof buildings, and bedded vs. concrete slats are discussed. Typical cattle feeding layouts are included, along with information on ventilation, wind and snow control, manure handling, water, feeding options and feeding rations, and an economic and Investment analysis. 

This publication can be used as an educational tool for Extension educators, a classroom resource for beef production classes, or as a reference for producers interested in learning more before making decisions.

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  • Ronald P Lemenager, Animal Sciences, Purdue University
  • Ken Foster, Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania
  • Beth Doran, Russ Euken, and Shawn Shouse, Extension and Outreach, Iowa State University

16 pages, illus., tables, download, 2013
(First published in 2012. Title: Beef Feeding Buildings in the Midwest)

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