Grain Drying, Handling and Storage Handbook

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Handbook includes components of a "Total Grain Storage System"

Grain Drying, Handling and Storage Handbook was written for farmers, equipment dealers, and the classroom.This handbook will help with understanding the whys and hows of developing a total grain storage system.

Grain conveying capacity is discussed. Receiving and unloading the grain is explained with the use of many figures and tables.

Drying of grain includes the capacity of the equipment. Wet grain handling is discussed, along with the overall drying systems, and the cooling process.

Good grain storage maintains grain quality after harvest. Information is provided for selecting the type of system that is best for the individual.

Formulas and various data on capacity, yields, distance, and machinery concludes this book.

88 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, illus., paperback, 1987
ISBN 0-89373-071-8

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