Dry Grain Aeration Systems Design-PDF

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Learn the art and science of aeration system design with this handbook!

Dry Grain Aeration Systems Design Handbook is intended for the technical oriented audience interested in learning about the art and science of aeration system design. It provides guidelines for selecting, sizing, locating, and evaluating grain aeration systems, and includes design examples of commonly used systems. Not included is design information for moving air through wet grain to hold it safely until it is dried, or for cooling hot grain coming from a dryer.
  • Basic Aeration Consideration
  • System Components
  • Design Recommendations and Procedures
  • Additional Examples
  • Appendix: Storage volumes, densities and calculation

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Ken Hellevang, Chair, North Dakota State University
Leslie Backer, North Dakota State University
Roger Brook, Michigan State University
Joseph Harner, Kansas State University
David Jones, University of Nebraska
Dirk Maier, Iowa State University
Bill Peterson, University of Illinois
William Wilcke, Deceased, University of Minnesota
88 pp, illus., download, 1999
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