Managing Dry Grain in Storage

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Managing Dry Grain in Storage provides recommendations on managing grain after harvest. It focuses on cylindrical storage structures (round metal or concrete bins) but offers principles of grain storage management that apply to all types of storage--contained or open--in structures or on the ground.

A great deal of time, money, and effort is invested in growing, harvesting, and drying grain crops to prevent loss of quantity and quality. It is important to protect your crop investment by managing dry grain after harvest. Improper management can allow infestation of insects, fungi birds, and rodents. Poor grain quality can lead to reduce feed value, reduced grain grade, or even outright rejection by grain buyers.

  • Causes of Grain Storage Problems
  • Preventing Grain Storage Problems
  • Additional Grain Management Tips
  • Solving Grain Storage Problems
  • Storage Safety

Detailed illustrations, bulleted lists, weather maps, and data tables further clarify information and provide quick reference to important facts.

24 pages, 24 pp.,8 1/2 x 11, illus., softcover, 2004 (reprinted 2011)
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