Farmstead Planning Handbook

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Guidelines for Planning and Expanding Agricultural Facilities and Operations

ASABE Blue Ribbon Award

This well-illustrated, easy-to-read publication shows how to locate, plan, build, and expand a working farm—small or large. More than 100 illustrations and 59 tables plus web site links supplement chapter text. A sample expansion plan completes this publication.

  • Planning Principles
  • Farmstead Site Selection
  • The Family Living Area
  • Drives and Service Yard
  • Farm Buildings
  • Farmstead Office, Shop, and Machinery Storage Areas
  • Fertilizer and Pesticide Storage Area
  • Crop Storage and Processing Area
  • Farmstead Livestock Area
  • Planning Farmstead Utilities
  • Planning for General Safety, Accident Prevention, and Emergencies
  • Planning for Biosecurity
  • An Expansion Plan Example

Farmstead Planning Handbook was originally offered on a CD. This version is for those who prefer a hardcopy.

  • Don Jones, Emeritus, Purdue University
  • Brian Holmes, Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Extension
  • Ted Funk, Emeritus, University of Illinois, Extension
172 pp, 2005, (some revised illustrations, 2015), spiral binding
ISBN 0-89373-102-1
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