About Us

MWPS is a university-based publishing cooperative dedicated to disseminating research-based, peer-reviewed, and unbiased publications that support the outreach missions of the North Central Region land-grant universities.

Established in 1929 and publishing since 1932, MWPS is one of the oldest regional cooperative efforts of land-grant universities in the United States. See MidWest Plan Service: A History of Cooperation.

The long-standing success of MWPS can be credited to three primary factors:

  • Dedication of individual committee members.
  • Commitment of individual universities that support the MWPS mission with staff.
  • Willingness of specialists and professionals throughout the country to volunteer time to write and review materials.

Authors of MWPS publications identify new issues, concepts, and technologies, then translate them into practical educational materials used by a variety of individuals, including educators (secondary, collegiate, continuing, and professional education), agricultural producers, agribusiness professionals, homeowners, landowners, conservationists, and municipal planners. 

All MWPS publications receive stringent review by professionals in relevant fields. MWPS publications have been recognized for exceptional quality and have earned awards for technical information from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and for information presentation from the Agricultural Communicators in Education (ACE).

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